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Picard is a cross-platform music tagger powered by the MusicBrainz database.

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Formats multiples

Picard supporte tous les formats audionumériques courants, notamment MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, WAV, et davantage.


Picard utilise les empreintes audio-acoustiques AcoustID, permettant l'identification des fichiers par la musique, même s'ils ne possèdent aucune métadonnée.

Comprehensive Database

Picard uses the open and community-maintained MusicBrainz database to provide accurate information about millions of music releases.

Recherche de CD

Picard peut rechercher des CD complets d'un clic de souris.

Open Source

Picard is licensed under GPL 2.0 or later, and is hosted on GitHub where it’s actively developed by some awesome developers.

Cover Art

Picard can find and download the correct cover art for your albums.

Langage de script

A flexible but easy to learn scripting language allows you to exactly specify how your music files will be named and how the tags will look like.

Support de greffons

If you need a particular feature, you can choose from a selection of available plugins or write your own.