Available Plugins

This is a list of plugins that are currently available for use with Picard. The table is generated from the data of our plugin repository.

Name Version Description Author(s)
Abbreviate artist-sort 0.2 Abbreviate Artist-Sort and Album-Artist-Sort Tags. e.g. "Vivaldi, Antonio" becomes "Vivaldi, A." This is particularly useful for classical albums that can have a long list of artists. %artistsort% is abbreviated into %_artistsort_abbrev% and %albumartistsort% is abbreviated into %_albumartistsort_abbrev%. Sophist Download
Add Cluster As Release 0.7 Adds a plugin context menu option to clusters and single files to help you quickly add them as releases or standalone recordings to the MusicBrainz database via the website by pre-populating artists, track names and times. Frederik "Freso" S. Olesen, Lukáš Lalinský, Philip Jägenstedt Download
Album Artist Website 0.5 Add's the album artist(s) Official Homepage(s) (if they are defined in the MusicBrainz database). Sophist Download
Classic Disc Numbers 0.1 Moves disc numbers and subtitles from the separate tags to album titles. Lukas Lalinsky Download
Copy Cluster to Clipboard 0.1 Exports a cluster's tracks to the clipboard, so it can be copied into the tracklist field on MusicBrainz Michael Elsdörfer Download
Decode Cyrillic 1.0 This plugin helps you quickly convert mis-encoded cyrillic Windows-1251 tags to proper UTF-8 encoded strings. If your track/album names look something like "Àëèñà â ñò›àíå ÷óäåñ", run this plugin from the context menu before running the "Lookup" or "Scan" tools aeontech Download
Disc Numbers 0.1 Moves disc numbers and subtitles from album titles to separate tags. For example:
"Aerial (disc 1: A Sea of Honey)"
  • album = "Aerial"
  • discnumber = "1"
  • discsubtitle = "A Sea of Honey"
Lukas Lalinsky Download
fanart.tv cover art 0.5 Use cover art from fanart.tv. To use this plugin you have to register a personal API key on https://fanart.tv/get-an-api-key/ Philipp Wolfer Download
Feat. Artists in Titles 0.3 Move "feat." from artist names to album and track titles. Match is case insensitive. Lukas Lalinsky, Michael Wiencek, Bryan Toth Download
Feat. Artists Removed 0.3 Removes feat. artists from track titles. Substitution is case insensitive. Lukas Lalinsky, Bryan Toth Download
Generate Cuesheet 0.2 Generate cuesheet (.cue file) from an album. Lukáš Lalinský Download
Keep tags 1.1 Adds a $keep() function to delete all tags except the ones that you want. Tags beginning with `musicbrainz_` are kept automatically, as are tags beginning with `_`. Wieland Hoffmann Download
Last.fm 0.4 Use tags from Last.fm as genre. Lukáš Lalinský Download
Last.fm.Plus 0.14 Uses folksonomy tags from Last.fm to
* Sort music into major and minor genres based on configurable genre "whitelists"
* Add "mood", "occasion" and other custom categories
* Add "original release year" and "decade" tags, as well as populate blank dates.
RifRaf, Lukáš Lalinský, voiceinsideyou Download
No release 0.1 Do not store specific release information in releases of unknown origin. Johannes Weißl Download
Padded disc and tracknumbers 1.0 Adds padded disc- and tracknumbers so the length of all disc- and tracknumbers is the same. They are stored in the `_paddedtracknumber` and `_paddeddiscnumber` tags. Wieland Hoffmann Download
Release Type 1.3 Appends information to EPs and Singles Elliot Chance Download
ReplayGain 0.1 Calculate ReplayGain for selected files and albums. Philipp Wolfer Download
Save and rewrite header 0.2 This plugin adds a context menu action to save files and rewrite their header. Nicolas Cenerario Download
Sort Multi-Value Tags 0.2 This plugin sorts multi-value tags e.g. Performers alphabetically.

Note: Some multi-value tags are excluded for the following reasons:
  1. Sequence is important e.g. Artists
  2. The sequence of one tag is linked to the sequence of another e.g. Label and Catalogue number.
Sophist Download
Soundtrack 0.1 Sets the albumartist to "Soundtrack" if releasetype is a soundtrack. Samir Benmendil Download
Standardise Performers 0.2 Splits multi-instrument performer tags into single instruments and combines names so e.g. (from 10cc by 10cc track 1):
Performer [acoustic guitar, bass, dobro, electric guitar and tambourine]: Graham Gouldman
Performer [acoustic guitar, electric guitar, grand piano and synthesizer]: Lol Creme
Performer [electric guitar, moog and slide guitar]: Eric Stewart
Performer [acoustic guitar]: Graham Gouldman; Lol Creme
Performer [bass]: Graham Gouldman
Performer [dobro]: Graham Gouldman
Performer [electric guitar]: Eric Stewart; Graham Gouldman; Lol Creme
Performer [grand piano]: Lol Creme
Performer [moog]: Eric Stewart
Performer [slide guitar]: Eric Stewart
Performer [synthesizer]: Lol Creme
Performer [tambourine]: Graham Gouldman
Sophist Download
Title Case 0.1 Capitalize First Character In Every Word Of A Title Javier Kohen Download
Video tools 0.1 Improves the video support in Picard by adding support for Matroska, WebM, AVI, QuickTime and MPEG files (renaming and fingerprinting only, no tagging) and providing $is_audio() and $is_video() scripting functions. Philipp Wolfer Download
View script variables 0.5 Display a dialog box listing the metadata variables for the track / file. Sophist Download