Version 2.1.3 2019-03-03


[PICARD-323] - Only the discid of the first disc in a release is written to tags

[PICARD-455] - Picard setting cover art height, width and depth to 0 for FLAC files --> breaks libFLAC

[PICARD-729] - Tracks get stuck at "[loading track information]" on Bad Gateway errors

[PICARD-938] - Need two left-arrow key presses to go from track with file to album

[PICARD-1178] - Images tagged with extra types that the user has chosen to ignore should not be shown as 'modified'

[PICARD-1288] - Folskonomy tags / genre fallback on album artists tags not working

[PICARD-1422] - Windows: Uninstall 32 bit Picard before upgrade

[PICARD-1447] - When releasing a new version, appdata should also be updated

[PICARD-1460] - Windows installer does not detect running instance

[PICARD-1461] - Crash when running with Spanish language

[PICARD-1463] - Picard crashes on startup on Windows

[PICARD-1469] - Force close when adding songs to larger albums

[PICARD-1471] - Artist searches do not show begin and end area

[PICARD-1473] - AcoustId lookup fails if fingerprint already in tags

[PICARD-1474] - Windows installer shows outdated version string in file properties

[PICARD-1475] - Cover art sources do not support HTTPS

[PICARD-1476] - Filled up thread pool prevents metadata box updates

[PICARD-1478] - Changing MB server requires a restart

[PICARD-1480] - Search line input clear button icon is too small


[PICARD-1459] - Remove method

[PICARD-1472] - macOS code signing on Travis CI fails for xcode7.3 image


[PICARD-1242] - Consider the number of AcoustID sources for linked recordings

[PICARD-1457] - "Check for Update" should be in the Picard menu

[PICARD-1458] - "Check for Update" should have an ellipsis at the end

[PICARD-1470] - Make warning about Qt locale loading less prominent

Version 2.1.2 2019-01-29


[PICARD-1382] - macOS packaging script ignores all errors


[PICARD-1456] - macOS packaging fails due to PIP bug

Version 2.1.1 2019-01-29


[PICARD-1451] - Redirects of authenticated requests fail with 401 error

[PICARD-1453] - Dropping events do not work in CoverArtBox

[PICARD-1454] - Crashes when adding action to toolbar in options


[PICARD-1452] - Appveyor auto-deploy not working


[PICARD-1450] - Fix language label for zh_CN and zh_TW

Version 2.1.0 2018-12-20


[PICARD-105] - Picard won't load non-album tracks from fingerprints

[PICARD-421] - Releases in private collections are not shown as being in them

[PICARD-518] - Sliders without labels in "Options - Metadata - Preferred Releases"

[PICARD-637] - $matchedtracks is broken

[PICARD-875] - AIFF does not support any of the compatid3 tags

[PICARD-949] - Track can be placed in the incorrect spot on the release after using Scan

[PICARD-1013] - False file save error in specific circumstances

[PICARD-1060] - Collections menu not displayed correctly anymore

[PICARD-1112] - Cannot save tags that were previously deleted from file

[PICARD-1133] - Plugins list doesn't load automatically after setting proxy

[PICARD-1162] - Solo vocals are tagged wrong

[PICARD-1219] - Picard creating empty ID3 TIPL / TMCL / IPLS frames

[PICARD-1245] - Set field "Grouping" doesn't work as expected

[PICARD-1275] - After uninstalling a plugin Picard needs to be restarted for it to be reinstalled

[PICARD-1281] - Picard has wrong version string on macOS

[PICARD-1320] - Black text on a dark theme

[PICARD-1332] - Deleted tags for matched files stay deleted

[PICARD-1336] - MP4 reports "bpm" as unsupported tag

[PICARD-1339] - Removing unclustered files can be very slow

[PICARD-1340] - File info doesn't display Mono / Stereo in Channels field anymore

[PICARD-1341] - Cluster track order misinterprets disc/track numbers

[PICARD-1346] - Move additional files fails if multiple patterns match

[PICARD-1348] - Keyboard shortcuts broken due to localization

[PICARD-1350] - Drag and drop on cover image box does not always work as expected

[PICARD-1355] - Setting or unsetting album for non-album tracks does not work

[PICARD-1359] - Crash with tagger integration when using DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

[PICARD-1364] - picard.exe has no version tag

[PICARD-1368] - Info messages are not shown on logging level Info

[PICARD-1369] - Crash on Python 3.7.0 opening URLs

[PICARD-1370] - Windows installer to add "Quick Launch" icon no longer supported on Win10

[PICARD-1371] - Windows installer does not warn when installing on 32 bit system

[PICARD-1373] - Source distributions are unusable

[PICARD-1374] - Picard crashes while typing a regular expression in some cases

[PICARD-1375] - Metadata sanitation before move-script execution fails

[PICARD-1376] - Error saving Ape files with tag marked for deletion that does not exist

[PICARD-1381] - Test results depend on execution order of tests

[PICARD-1397] - Do not save tags marked as unsupported

[PICARD-1398] - Snap package is missing locale files

[PICARD-1405] - Pasting formatted text into scripting window shows formatting

[PICARD-1410] - Loading Vorbis file with invalid rating value fails

[PICARD-1412] - Deleting tag counts not as important metadata change

[PICARD-1414] - Image errors lead to crash in info dialog

[PICARD-1415] - Open Containing Folder and Open with MusicPlayer does nothing for UNC paths

[PICARD-1418] - Display localized default dialogs and keyboard shortcut hints

[PICARD-1420] - Can not save wma file. TypeError: sequence item 0

[PICARD-1428] - Removing tags which are only in original file metadata not possible

[PICARD-1430] - "Authentication required" dialog does not trigger authentication

[PICARD-1431] - Some ID3 frames gets deleted even if the corresponding tags are shown as unchanged

[PICARD-1434] - Tag acoustid_id can not be removed or deleted in script

[PICARD-1436] - Text extraction of "title" and "label" for translation.

[PICARD-1437] - After reload file is being shown as changed

[PICARD-1438] - Message box buttons Yes/No aren't translated

[PICARD-1439] - Newline character in cover art naming script causes exception on saving

New Feature

[PICARD-490] - Allow tagging AAC/ADTS files with APEv2 tags

[PICARD-1043] - Support reading & writing iTunes Classical tags

[PICARD-1045] - Check for new version

[PICARD-1268] - Support concertmaster recording relationships as performer:concertmaster

[PICARD-1273] - Add an option to exclude new cover art type "Raw / Unedited"

[PICARD-1319] - Provide cover art metadata to cover image naming script

[PICARD-1344] - Add $delete function

[PICARD-1352] - Add a command-line option to skip plugin loading

[PICARD-1354] - Allow using vocals and instruments as credited

[PICARD-1367] - Allow opening searches in browser when using search dialogs

[PICARD-1384] - Add AppStream data

[PICARD-1386] - Add $title function

[PICARD-1395] - Support genres from MusicBrainz

[PICARD-1440] - Support loading and renaming Standard MIDI Files (SMF)


[PICARD-1333] - Run CI tests agaist oldest supported mutagen

[PICARD-1347] - Refactor to avoid code duplication

[PICARD-1365] - Allow building with PyQt 5.11 or later

[PICARD-1442] - Support new Audio Play secondary type


[PICARD-1407] - Save originalalbum / originalartist to ASF/WMA

[PICARD-1408] - Save originalalbum / originalartist to APE


[PICARD-664] - When dragging a recording, show the actual file name instead of the path

[PICARD-792] - Package a start menu tile for Windows 10 on the windows version

[PICARD-1039] - Use forward delete instead of delete button on macOS

[PICARD-1049] - Picard should use TXXX:WORK rather than TXXX:Work

[PICARD-1068] - Picard should use MP4 ©wrk for Work rather than generic text field

[PICARD-1244] - Refresh list of plugins after uninstalling or installing a local plugin

[PICARD-1285] - There is no Close menu item in Picard 2.0 on macOS

[PICARD-1313] - Refactor plugin UI

[PICARD-1325] - Allow disabling new version update checking for packagers

[PICARD-1338] - Picard should be more resilient if it gets invalid responses from servers

[PICARD-1358] - Use macOS style widgets in the user interface of the macOS version of Picard

[PICARD-1363] - AcoustId submission for matched files is impossible when musicbrainz_recordingid is unset

[PICARD-1366] - Show Python version in about

[PICARD-1379] - Port astrcmp to new Python C Unicode API

[PICARD-1383] - Use MCN / barcode read from disc to improve DiscId lookup

[PICARD-1393] - Change the application ID

[PICARD-1416] - Should store ID3 Artists field as TXXX:ARTISTS not TXXX:Artists

[PICARD-1417] - Only show plugins with compatible API version

[PICARD-1424] - Translate AppStream data

[PICARD-1425] - Support all movement tags for APE, Vorbis and MP3

[PICARD-1426] - Map musicbrainz_originalalbumid and musicbrainz_originalartistid to MP4 and WMA

[PICARD-1443] - Sort secondary release types in UI alphabetically

Version 2.0.4 2018-09-05


[PICARD-803] - tagging "8½ Minutes" with "replace with non-ascii characters" results in a directory being created

[PICARD-1216] - Does not display version information

[PICARD-1267] - 2.0.0dev6 crash in debug mode on Windows April Update (1803)

[PICARD-1281] - Picard has wrong version string

[PICARD-1294] - Crashes every time Picard connects to MB server.

[PICARD-1310] - Picard crashes on clearing log

[PICARD-1318] - RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration

[PICARD-1321] - CD drive selection not working on Linux

[PICARD-1322] - Crash in options on "Restore defaults"

[PICARD-1323] - Restore defaults does not restore CAA types

[PICARD-1324] - Default locale not working reliable

[PICARD-1326] - Picard Save Changes 5.1 Mix Type

[PICARD-1327] - Loading TAK files fails

[PICARD-1328] - Loading OptimFROG files fails

[PICARD-1329] - Picard fails saving ID3 tags with iTunNORM tag

[PICARD-1331] - Picard crashes on error during plugin install

Version 2.0.3 2018-08-10


[PICARD-1122] - Preffered release type settings are exclusive and should be inclusive

[PICARD-1207] - Move additional files feature fails when source directory contains non-ascii characters

[PICARD-1247] - Not all "preserved" tags are preserved

[PICARD-1305] - Search dialog crashes picard when record doesn't have an album

[PICARD-1306] - picard crashes when opening the options dialog if the cwd doesn't exist

New Feature

[PICARD-1289] - Allow manually running any tagger script


[PICARD-1292] - MusicBrainz Picard 2.01 64-bit for windows installs to "C:\Program Files (x86)" by default

[PICARD-1302] - Dropping an image from Google image crashes picard

[PICARD-1303] - picard crashes when matching a cluster with a release with no tracks

[PICARD-1304] - Info dialog for album crashes because track doesn't have a tracknumber


[PICARD-259] - Make file-specific variables available to tagger script

Version 2.0.2 2018-07-30


[PICARD-1296] - Code sign Picard for macOS


[PICARD-1301] - Use PyQT 5.10 for macOS


[PICARD-342] - Picard is not properly signed for Mac OS X Gatekeeper

[PICARD-1212] - Picard 2.0.0dev4 crashing at startup

[PICARD-1300] - Picard crashes when logging lots of events

Version 2.0.1 2018-07-21


[PICARD-1283] - Fingerprinting not working on macOS in Picard 2.0

[PICARD-1286] - Error creating SSL context on Windows


[PICARD-1290] - Improve slow start up times by moving to a non single file exe

[PICARD-1291] - Use an installer for Picard 2.x windows exe

Version 2.0 2018-07-18


[PICARD-153] - Non-configuration data is saved in Picard.conf

[PICARD-173] - ID3 tag TSOP appears to be stored blank

[PICARD-340] - Cover art embedding will overwrite existing ones

[PICARD-405] - Save stopped working

[PICARD-817] - On high-resolution / high DPI displays, Picard's GUI is scaled wrong

[PICARD-1047] - Incompatible plugins are loaded with picard 2.0

[PICARD-1051] - Searching for similar tracks causes coredumps

[PICARD-1052] - Not disabled Search for similar tracks can cause coredumps

[PICARD-1056] - Crash when viewing file info dialog

[PICARD-1058] - Saving images as files doesn't work

[PICARD-1062] - Picard crashes when moving files on release

[PICARD-1063] - After #689 unit tests fail if astrcmp is not compiled

[PICARD-1064] - python test -v doesn't work

[PICARD-1065] - python patch_version doesn't work

[PICARD-1066] - python update_constants doesn't work

[PICARD-1067] - Visual bug after un-checking an installed plugin

[PICARD-1073] - "Add New Tag" crashes picard

[PICARD-1084] - Picard 2 doesn't find DVD drive

[PICARD-1085] - Multi-Dir Add Folder not working

[PICARD-1105] - Crashes when using the edit tag dialog

[PICARD-1106] - cancel plugin installation file dialog results in crash

[PICARD-1114] - Cannot submit ratings in Picard 2.0 dev

[PICARD-1119] - picard sets "Disc Subtitle" to the track title

[PICARD-1123] - Multiple work languages are collapsed

[PICARD-1126] - Unhelpful error message logged on network request errors

[PICARD-1135] - Picard is not able to save on MTP devices

[PICARD-1138] - Search crashes due to AttributeError

[PICARD-1143] - Wrong amount of songs from added files

[PICARD-1147] - FYI, Can't load "Alan Parsons" album "On air" in Picard 1.2

[PICARD-1153] - "Lookup in Browser" and "Search" fail silently if artist name contains umlaut

[PICARD-1156] - Picard fails to start when trying to upgrade plugin which is a symlink

[PICARD-1159] - Can't open WAV files

[PICARD-1161] - Dragging artwork from Chrome pages doesn't work

[PICARD-1171] - Text of "About" can't be selected

[PICARD-1179] - Error while searching for alt. releases

[PICARD-1181] - In-app search dialog excessive slow down

[PICARD-1188] - Picard chooses incorrect value for language tag

[PICARD-1199] - Crash when right-clicking album

[PICARD-1202] - Right click on tag listing causes exception and crash

[PICARD-1203] - Hide unsupported tags from the tag diff in UI

[PICARD-1204] - Picard freezes on unchecking show diff tags first

[PICARD-1206] - Text is not displaying properly in some fields.

[PICARD-1210] - Long lines in the option dialogue don’t wrap

[PICARD-1213] - Wrong Movement of coverart providers

[PICARD-1215] - Does not use config / ini file specified on command line

[PICARD-1221] - Picard 2.0 won't start on Windows 10

[PICARD-1226] - Different fonts in the plugins dialog

[PICARD-1230] - Looking up CD crashes Picard

[PICARD-1234] - Crash when loading plugin from local directory

[PICARD-1252] - Crash on pasting invalid naming script

[PICARD-1253] - Crash on image saving

[PICARD-1255] - Crash on startup - no GUI

[PICARD-1265] - Can't "Lookup in Browser": UnicodeEncodeError: 'latin-1' codec can't encode characters in position 0-7: ordinal not in range(256)

[PICARD-1270] - Corruption of saved audio files located on a network share

[PICARD-1271] - Artist credit saved in tags sometimes loses closing parenthesis

[PICARD-1277] - Picard crashes on unknown cover art types

New Feature

[PICARD-1187] - Add DSF file support

[PICARD-1220] - Add keyboard shortcut for deleting scripts from options > scripting page


[PICARD-960] - Migrate to PyQt5

[PICARD-1186] - Support only 64 bit Picard builds from 2.0


[PICARD-259] - Make file-specific variables available to tagger script

[PICARD-581] - Picard XML processing should use lxml module rather than QXmlStreamReader

[PICARD-588] - Picard 2.0 based on Python 3

[PICARD-807] - Retry release fetch on MB server overload

[PICARD-922] - Make multi-value script functions work correctly

[PICARD-976] - Reimplement the picard WS code to accommodate future versions of MBWS

[PICARD-978] - Distinguish in UI between unclustered and release unmatched files

[PICARD-1075] - Add unit tests for Metadata object variables

[PICARD-1087] - Improvements to UI for Lookup CD

[PICARD-1100] - Error when running confined in a snap because of gconf

[PICARD-1174] - Option to tolerate differences in track times

[PICARD-1200] - In Options dialog, tree pane on the left cannot be resized

[PICARD-1201] - Add a command-line option to not restore persisted UI sizes or positions

[PICARD-1211] - The “X” close button doesn’t work on the options dialogue

Version 1.4.2 2017-05-08


[PICARD-1053] - Picard does not stop analyzer while moving

[PICARD-1055] - picard hangs with: RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp

[PICARD-1070] - The "Convert Unicode punctuation characters to ASCII" function only works in certain tags

[PICARD-1077] - ID3v2.4 text encoding settings are not saved correctly


[PICARD-969] - Search dialog webservices get queued behind matched album requests

[PICARD-1034] - Picard not seeing TOPE and TOAL

Version 1.4.1 2017-04-01


[PICARD-953] - Album shown matched even if extra unmatched files

[PICARD-972] - Removing album with saves pending does not remove pending saves

[PICARD-973] - Pending log messages not flushed to stderr on quit

[PICARD-988] - Drag & Drop not working

[PICARD-990] - Picard violating ID3 standard for TXXX frames

[PICARD-996] - Disabling the cover art box and enabling it again doesn't bring it back

[PICARD-998] - Disabling the action toolbar sometimes doesn't work

[PICARD-1005] - If a cluster is moved to the album side of the main window it gets moved to unmatched files

[PICARD-1006] - Drag and drop for cover arts doesnt work on OSX

[PICARD-1010] - Unsetting View/Cover Art doesn't work permanently

[PICARD-1011] - Toolbar tab order incorrect after PICARD-908

[PICARD-1014] - Number of images in release info is calculated incorrectly

[PICARD-1015] - Artwork tab of the Track Info DIalog doesn't show changes anymore

[PICARD-1018] - CoverArtBox doesn't show new/removed images after unmatched files are added/removed to the album

[PICARD-1023] - Directory persistence for Add Directory needs tweaking

[PICARD-1029] - Fix ~artists_sort metadata variable

[PICARD-1042] - Missing import for PICARD_APP_NAME

New Feature

[PICARD-258] - Visual feedback for changes to artwork in before-after pane.

[PICARD-1000] - Implement artwork diff for albums


[PICARD-943] - Remove monkey patching of file write methods in picard formats

[PICARD-1041] - Replace Ok button text by Make It So! in Options dialog


[PICARD-223] - Remove should work when Unmatched Files is selected

[PICARD-951] - Always use HTTPS for

[PICARD-952] - Use Cover Art Archive over HTTPS

[PICARD-961] - Mention AcoustID on Scan button too

[PICARD-980] - Drag&drop cover art doesn't work for images from amazon/google images/https links

[PICARD-1012] - Buttons on the "User Interface" and "Scripting" pages are smaller than buttons in other places

[PICARD-1016] - Multiple images in related tracks confusing

[PICARD-1021] - Picard loads all pending files before quitting

[PICARD-1024] - Allow specifying a configuration file path

[PICARD-1030] - Allow to add/replace cover art images and keep existing cover art

Version 1.4 2017-02-14

Bugfix: AcoustID submission fails with code 299 (PICARD-82)

Bugfix: Ignoring "hip hop rap" folksonomy tags also ignores "rap", "hip hop", etc. (PICARD-335)

Bugfix: Picard downloads multiple 'front' images instead of just first one. (PICARD-350)

Bugfix: Saving hidden file with only an extension drops the extension (PICARD-357)

Bugfix: Add directory opens in "wrong" dir (PICARD-366)

Bugfix: Picard should de-duplicate work lists (PICARD-375)

Bugfix: Tree selector in Options window is partially obscured, pane too narrow (PICARD-408)

Bugfix: tag acoustid_id can not be removed or deleted in script, renaming or plugin (PICARD-419)

Bugfix: Can't remove value from field (PICARD-546)

Bugfix: Can't open Options (PICARD-592)

Bugfix: "Tags from filenames" action stays enabled even if it is unavailable. (PICARD-688)

Bugfix: Using the first image type as filename changes the name of front images (PICARD-701)

Bugfix: Fingerprint Submission Failes if AcoustID tags are present and/or invalid (PICARD-706)

Bugfix: Picard moves into the selected folder (PICARD-726)

Bugfix: Picard does not support (recording) relationship credits (PICARD-730)

Bugfix: Picard repeats/duplicates field data (PICARD-748)

Bugfix: Number of pending web requests is not decremented on exceptions in the handler (PICARD-751)

Bugfix: Divide by zero error in _convert_folksonomy_tags_to_genre when no tag at the release/release group level ( PICARD-753)

Bugfix: Directory tree (file browser) not sorted for non-system drives under Windows (PICARD-754)

Bugfix: Crash when loading release with only zero count tags (PICARD-759)

Bugfix: No name and no window grouping in gnome-shell Alt-Tab app switcher (PICARD-761)

Bugfix: Lookup in Browser does not and can not load HTTPS version of (PICARD-764)

Bugfix: Unable to login using oauth via Picard options with Server Port set to 443 (PICARD-766)

Bugfix: "AttributeError: 'MetadataBox' object has no attribute 'resize_columns'" when enabling the cover art box ( PICARD-775)

Bugfix: Pre-gap tracks are not counted in absolutetracknumber (PICARD-778)

Bugfix: CAA cover art provider runs even if cover art has already been loaded (PICARD-780)

Bugfix: Toggling Embed Cover Art in Tags and restarting doesn't have the expected behavior (PICARD-782)

Bugfix: XMLWS redirects incorrectly (PICARD-788)

Bugfix: Handle empty collection-list in web server response (PICARD-798)

Bugfix: Amazon Cover Art provider does not work (and does not have a lot of debug logging enabled) (PICARD-799)

Bugfix: Cover Art from CAA release group is skipped even though it exists (PICARD-801)

Bugfix: Multiple instances of history and log dialogs (PICARD-804)

Bugfix: Empty string lookup (PICARD-805)

Bugfix: Will not load album information on any albums (PICARD-811)

Bugfix: Redirect URL is not encoded which leads to http 400 error. (PICARD-814)

Bugfix: Not compatible with latest Mutagen (PICARD-833)

Bugfix: Can't save any files. Get: "error: invalid literal for int() with base 10" (PICARD-834)

Bugfix: Picard 1.3.2 shows cleartext username & password on status line when errors occur (PICARD-839)

Bugfix: Cannot fetch cover art from amazon link contains https scheme. (PICARD-848)

Bugfix: media-optical-modified.png icon still displayed after release save when two files match one track (PICARD-851)

Bugfix: Release that Picard will not load (due to disc with just data track?) (PICARD-853)

Bugfix: ValueError in (PICARD-855)

Bugfix: Improper detection of Gnome as a desktop environment and no support for gnome 3 (PICARD-857)

Bugfix: Apparent non-functional tagger button (PICARD-858)

Bugfix: Picard does not read Ogg/Opus files with an ".ogg" file exension (PICARD-859)

Bugfix: Setting a large value in in $num function as length causes picard to become unresponsive (PICARD-865)

Bugfix: id3 deletion needs to be improved (PICARD-867)

Bugfix: id3v2.3 does not properly handle TMOO ( mood tag) (PICARD-868)

Bugfix: Coverart providers duplicates on reset (PICARD-870)

Bugfix: Restore defaults broken for plugins page and tagger scripts page (PICARD-873)

Bugfix: Coverart providers erroneous save (PICARD-874)

Bugfix: The metadatabox doesn't correctly show the tag selected (PICARD-876)

Bugfix: Length tag for ID3 is no longer displayed in the metadata box (PICARD-881)

Bugfix: Removed tags are not removed from the metadatabox after saving the file (PICARD-882)

Bugfix: File Browser pane doesn't check for path type( file or folder) when setting home path/move files here ( PICARD-884)

Bugfix: mov files return a +ve score for mp4 container leading to errors (PICARD-885)

Bugfix: "Restore defaults" doesn't log out the user (PICARD-888)

Bugfix: Broken 'Restore Defaults' (PICARD-907)

Bugfix: Messagebox wraps and displays title inappropriately (PICARD-911)

Bugfix: An “empty” track shouldn’t get an “excellent match” tooltip. (PICARD-914)

Bugfix: In plugins list, some plugins don't show description (PICARD-915)

Bugfix: Plugin restore defaults broken (PICARD-916)

Bugfix: Does not use UI language but locale on Windows (PICARD-917)

Bugfix: Preserve scripting splitter position (PICARD-925)

Bugfix: Having trouble submitting AcoustIDs (PICARD-926)

Bugfix: Cluster double‐click opens the Info… panel (PICARD-931)

Bugfix: Status bar not cleared when selection changed (PICARD-937)

Bugfix: Open containing folder not working for shared files over network (PICARD-942)

Bugfix: Warning: Plugin directory '…/python2.7/site-packages/contrib/plugins' doesn't exist (PICARD-945)

Bugfix: Additionnal files aren't moved anymore (PICARD-946)

Bugfix: Search window error message does not appear translated (PICARD-947)

Bugfix: Open Containing Folder duplicates (PICARD-950)

Bugfix: Errors when directory / file names contain unicode characters (PICARD-958)

New Feature: AIF support (ID3) (PICARD-42)

New Feature: Test and integrate support for "local" cover art into Picard (PICARD-137)

New Feature: Display infos (album, artist, tracklist) for clusters without release match (PICARD-680)

New Feature: Add download plugin functionality to existing UI (PICARD-691)

New Feature: Fallback on album artist's tags if no tags are found for album (PICARD-738)

New Feature: Add m2a as a supported extension (PICARD-743)

New Feature: MusicBrainz/AcoustID entities should be hyperlinked in Picard (PICARD-756)

New Feature: Support key tag (PICARD-769)

New Feature: Export / import settings (PICARD-901)

New Feature: Search releases from within a Picard dialog (PICARD-927)

New Feature: Searching tracks and displaying similar tracks in a dialog box (PICARD-928)

New Feature: Search for artists from dialog (PICARD-929)

Task: Picard default name files script refinement (PICARD-717)

Task: Update Picard logo/icons (PICARD-760)

Task: Link to the Scripting documentation on the Scripting options page (PICARD-779)

Task: Remove contrib/plugins from the repository (PICARD-835)

Task: Raise the required mutagen version to 1.22 (PICARD-841)

Task: Renaming save_only_front_images_to_tags option to something more appropriate (PICARD-861)

Task: Allow translators to finalize translations before releasing Picard 1.4 (PICARD-895)

Task: Raise the required Python version to 2.7. (PICARD-904)

Task: Bump Picard’s copyright date (PICARD-912)

Task: Add Norwegian to UI languages (PICARD-982)

Task: Provide ~video variable for video tracks (PICARD-652)

Task: Improve error logging on AcoustId submission (PICARD-708)

Improvement: Link to Picard Scripting page under 'File Naming' (PICARD-22)

Improvement: Restore default settings button/s (PICARD-116)

Improvement: Speed of Ogg tag writing/updating (PICARD-133)

Improvement: Allow adding/removing tags to be preserved from context menu in the tag diff pane (PICARD-207)

Improvement: Make it easier to remove everything currently loaded in Picard (PICARD-210)

Improvement: Bring back keyboard shortcuts for editing tags (PICARD-222)

Improvement: Case sensitivity for "Move additional files" option (PICARD-229)

Improvement: Metadata comparison box shows that it intends to write (and has written) tags unsupported by underlyingfile format (PICARD-253)

Improvement: Add more descriptive tooltips to buttons (PICARD-267)

Improvement: Allow musicip_puid and acoustid_id to be cleared from tags (PICARD-268)

Improvement: Make it possible to remove existing tags without clearing all tags (PICARD-287)

Improvement: Disable recurse subdirectories should be added (PICARD-291)

Improvement: display how many "pending files" left on lookup (PICARD-305)

Improvement: Handle MP3 TSST/TIT3 (subtitle) tags better with ID3v2.3 (PICARD-307)

Improvement: Customisable toolbars (PICARD-353)

Improvement: Ignore file extension and try to read anyway (PICARD-359)

Improvement: Make it possible to unset all performer (etc) tags (PICARD-384)

Improvement: Progress tracking (PICARD-388)

Improvement: Add ability to handle multiple tagger scripts (PICARD-404)

Improvement: the option "select all" to save (PICARD-476)

Improvement: Option to load only audio tracks, i.e. not DVD-Video, CD-ROM tracks (PICARD-514)

Improvement: Picard should use OAuth for authentication (PICARD-615)

Improvement: Improvements to WMA tags (PICARD-648)

Improvement: Only ask to "log in now" once per session (PICARD-678)

Improvement: Show codec info for MP4 files (PICARD-683)

Improvement: "Play File" button should be renamed to "Open in Player" (PICARD-692)

Improvement: ID3 padding not reduced can result in large files (PICARD-695)

Improvement: Set option 'caa_approved_only' disabled by default (PICARD-705)

Improvement: Validate fpcalc executable in options (PICARD-707)

Improvement: Improve File Naming options (PICARD-733)

Improvement: Add --long-version/-V option, outputting third parties libs versions as well as Picard version PICARD-734)

Improvement: missing info in the help file (PICARD-740)

Improvement: Pass command-line arguments to QtApplication (PICARD-773)

Improvement: Use the more detailed icons in more places on windows (PICARD-777)

Improvement: Use .ini configuration file on all platforms (PICARD-794)

Improvement: Use python2 shebang as of PEP 0394 (PICARD-806)

Improvement: Display existing covers in File Info dialog (PICARD-808)

Improvement: Use HTTPS for external links (PICARD-818)

Improvement: Install a scalable icon (PICARD-838)

Improvement: Use HTTPS for requests to the plugins API on (PICARD-852)

Improvement: Use magic numbers to determine the audio file types instead of relying on extensions (PICARD-864)

Improvement: Multi-scripting UI is very basic (PICARD-883)

Improvement: Allow scripting functions to have arbitrary number of arguments (PICARD-887)

Improvement: The "Restore defaults" confirmation buttons should follow the quit confirmation dialog in style PICARD-890)

Improvement: Replace submit icon with AcoustID logo (PICARD-896)

Improvement: Rename "Submit" button to "Submit AcoustIDs" (PICARD-897)

Improvement: Use UTF-8 for ID3v2.4 by default instead of UTF-16 (PICARD-898)

Improvement: Restore defaults is slightly broken for tags option page (PICARD-902)

Improvement: Rearrange the action toolbar icons from left to right according to the expected user-flow (PICARD-908)

Improvement: Add tooltips to “Restore all Defaults” and “Restore Defaults” (PICARD-913)

Improvement: Make PICARD-883 UI have adjustable widths for list of scripts and script content (PICARD-918)

Improvement: Move Options/Advanced/Scripting to Options/Scripting (PICARD-919)

Improvement: Move UI options page up the options tree (PICARD-921)

Improvement: Add $startswith and $endswith string functions (PICARD-923)

Improvement: Make list of scripts smaller than script text by default (PICARD-924)

Improvement: Wait for save thread pool to be finished before exit (PICARD-944)

Improvement: New guess format functionality should use explicit buffer size (PICARD-970)

Version 1.3.2 2015-01-07

Bugfix: Fixed tags from filename dialog not opening on new installations

Version 1.3.1 2014-12-20

Bugfix: Picard should use the correct Accept header when talking to web services. (PICARD-273)

Bugfix: Picard refuses to load files if any path component happens to be hidden (PICARD-589)

Bugfix: ConfigUpgradeError: Error during config upgrade from version 0.0.0dev0 to 1.0.0final0 (PICARD-642)

Bugfix: Windows installer sets working directory to %PROGRAMFILES%\MusicBrainz Picard\locale (PICARD-649)

Bugfix: plus tooltip help elements are all messed up (PICARD-655)

Bugfix: Regression: Tagger script for cover art filename does not work anymore (PICARD-661)

Bugfix: Retrieving collections causes AttributeError: release_list (PICARD-662)

Bugfix: Artist name makes it impossible to save (PICARD-663)

Improvement: Support the new pregap and data tracks (PICARD-658)

Improvement: Set the originalyear tag when loading a release (PICARD-659)

Improvement: Web service calls to ports 80 and 443 do not need explicit port specification. 443 should be automatically made https. (PICARD-665)

Version 1.3 2014-10-20

The "About" window now displays the versions of libraries used by Picard

Picard now correctly handles matching of MP3 files saved in ID3v2.3 tags

(which is the version that Microsoft Windows and iTunes both use).

Note: You may need to re-save your tags once to get them to match in future.

A sort tags plugin is now provided as tag data is no longer displayed sorted by default.

A new tag, musicbrainz_releasetrackid, containing the MusicBrainz Track MBID

introduced in the May 2013 schema change release, is now written to files.

Add %_recordingtitle% (PICARD-515)

Fix plugin install bugs (PICARD-444)

Fix Options / File naming examples to handle primary/secondary release types (PICARD-516)

A new advanced option is available to permanently set the starting directory

for the file browser and "Add files/folder" buttons.

Requests to Musicbrainz against your own account e.g. for collections are now handled through SSL (PICARD-337)

Refresh of Albums using Ctrl-R and selection of Other Releases are now more responsive during batch lookups.

Main window is now emitting a "selection_updated" signal, plugin api version bumps to 1.3.0

Append system information to user-agent string

Compilation tag/variable functionality (for tagging & file naming) has been split into two:

- %compilation% is now aligned with iTunes, and set only for Various Artists type compilations

- %_multiartist% variable now indicates whether this release has tracks by multiple artists

(in order to prepend the artist name to the filename as shown in the default file naming script)

autodetect the CD drive on Mac OS X (PICARD-123)

Ignore directories and files while indexing when show_hidden_files option is set to False (PICARD-528)

Add ignore_regex option which allows one to ignore matching paths, can be set in Options > Advanced (PICARD-528)

Added an "artists" multi-value tag to track metadata, based on the one in Jaikoz, which contains the individual

artist names from the artist credit. Also useful in scripts (joining phrases like 'feat:' are omitted) and plugins.

Added "_artists_sort", "_albumartists", "_albumartists_sort" variables for scripts and plugins.

Made Picard use the country names also used on the MusicBrainz website (PICARD-205)

New command get_po_files (Retrieve po files from transifex)

New command regen_pot_file (Regenerate po/picard.pot)

New Work tag (which for Classical music is often different from the track title) saved as ID3 TOAL tag.

New Composer Sort Order tag (variable %composersort%).

Improve the Other Releases list to prioritise and separate releases which match the correct number of tracks

and your Options / Metadata / Preferred Releases settings for Country and Format.

New %_absolutetracknumber% variable numbering tracks sequentially regardless of disc structure

(so you can numbers tracks on multi-disc releases without a disc number)

Support dropping image directly from Google image results to cover art box

Add %_musicbrainz_tracknumber% to hold track # as shown on MusicBrainz release web-page

e.g. vinyl/cassette style A1, A2, B1, B2

Show the ID3 version of the file in the Info... dialog (Ctrl-I) (PICARD-218)

Fixed a bug where Picard crashed if a MP3 file had malformed TRCK or TPOS tags (PICARD-112)

Add --files option to build_ui, used to force .ui to .py regeneration (PICARD-566)

New command update_constants (Regenerate and

Made Picard use release groups, medium formats and cover art types also used on the MusicBrainz website

Use MusicBrainz Server translations for release groups, medium formats and cover art types

Add checkbox to toggle debug at runtime in log/debug view dialog

Add a plugin to add Artist Official Homepage relationships to the website tag (ID3 WOAR tag)

Add integrated functions $eq_any, $ne_all, $eq_all, $ne_any, $swapprefix and $delprefix.

Add %_performance_attributes%, containing performance attributes for the work e.g. live, cover, medley etc.

Use $inmulti in file naming scripts i.e. ...$if($inmulti(%_performance_attributes%,medley), (Medley),)

Add optional priority parameter to register_album_metadata_processor() and register_track_metadata_processor()

Default priority is PluginPriority.NORMAL, plugins registered with PluginPriority.HIGH will be run first,

plugins registered with PluginPriority.LOW will run last

Add Standardise Performers plugin to convert e.g. Performer [piano and guitar] into

Performer [piano] and Performer [guitar].

Add support for release group cover art fallback (PICARD-418, PICARD-53)

Add a clear button to search box

Honour preferred release formats when matching AcoustIds (PICARD-631)

Prevent ZeroDivisionError in some rare cases (PICARD-630)

Version 1.2 2013-03-30

Picard now requires at least Python 2.6

Removed support for AmpliFIND/PUIDs

Add support for the Ogg Opus file format

It's now possible to download cover images without any plugin. Cover Art Archive images can be downloaded by image type

Improved directory scanning performance

Prefer already-loaded releases of the same RG when matching files

Allow dropping new files onto specific targets

Add basic collections management support (PICARD-84)

Allow adding custom tags in the tag editing dialog (PICARD-349)

Fix replacing of Windows-incompatible characters (PICARD-393)

Save both primary and secondary release types (PICARD-240)

Handle errors from the AcoustID service better (PICARD-391)

Accept HTTPS URLs on drag-and-drop (PICARD-378)

Version 1.1 2012-09-03

Always show basic tags in metadata comparison box, even if empty (title,

artist, album, tracknumber, ~length, date) (PICARD-201)

Fixed AcoustID submission failure after removing files from Picard (PICARD-82)

Allow multi-select in new MetaDataBox for delete/remove tags (PICARD-194)

File browser remembers last directory/no longer crashes on OS X (PICARD-104)

Removed the "Run Picard" option from the Windows installer (PICARD-11)

Refreshing a non-album track correctly clears previous track metadata (PICARD-220)

Fixed the preserved tags setting for tags with uppercase characters (PICARD-217)

Added a completion box to the preserved tags setting, and clarified how it works

Store lyrics language in tags instead of text representation language (PICARD-242)

Fix various oddities in the metadata comparison box (PICARD-255, PICARD-256)

Version 1.0 2012-06-02

New UI: Extended comparison of existing vs. MB metadata & tags (PICARD-43)

Merged the renaming and moving options pages

Removed the VA file naming format option (there is now a single format option) (PICARD-159)

Add %license% tag

Made %writer% available to tagger scripts and plugins with contents of songwriter (PICARD-21)

Allow two multi-valued variables to be merged in tagger scripting (PICARD-139)

Allow multi-valued variables to be transformed in tagger script and then set back in tags as multi-valued (PICARD-147)

Fix $copy not preserving multi-value variables as documented (PICARD-138)

Load/save free-text tags for ID3 as TXXX frames (PICARD-148)

Fix writing of MusicBrainz Work Id / musicbrainz_workid to tags (PICARD-88)

Handle mimetype for embedding cover art from EXIF jpegs (PICARD-27)

Change cover art box to open MusicBrainz release rather than Amazon

Support manual drag-and-drop of cover art onto a release via cover art box

Only open browser on left-click of cover art box (PICARD-190)

Fix Lookup in Browser (previously 'tag lookup') for clusters (PICARD-186)

Lookup in Browser will now not use MBIDs to lookup unmatched files/clusters

Add Date/Country to CD Lookup results dialog (PICARD-198)

Fix/reset album folksonomy tag counts while refreshing releases (PICARD-4)

Plugins actions can now create sub-menus using the MENU class attribute

New plugin hook register_clusterlist_action

Display the port Picard is listening on at bottom right status bar (PICARD-191)

Make album drops from right hand pane to left default to "unmatched files" again (PICARD-33)

Remove .DS_Store, desktop.ini, and Thumbs.db from otherwise empty directories (PICARD-75)

Update artist translation to use new alias features (primary flag, sort names) (PICARD-200)

Deleted tags aren't indicated as changes (PICARD-165)

Picard log entries have inaccurate timestamp (PICARD-45)

Interface doesn't allow keyboard only management (PICARD-103)

Added option to preserve timestamps of tagged files (PICARD-31)

Added keyboard shortcut to reload release (PICARD-99)

Medium formats weren't listed in order in the "Other versions" menu (PICARD-91)

Couldn't select multiple directories in "Add Folder" window on OS X (PICARD-74)

Version 0.16 2011-10-23

Added AcoustID support.

Fixed track metadata plugins.

Added new internal %_totalalbumtracks% tag field. (PICARD-16)

Track metadata plugins now run also on non-album tracks. (PICARD-7)

Fixed custom Various Artists name on the %albumartist% field. (PICARD-5)

Album artist is now correctly "translated". (PICARD-1)

Unicode punctuation is now converted to ASCII by default.

WavPack correction files are moved together with the main files. (PICARD-15)

Unicode filename normalization on OS X.

Original release date is now saved into %originaldate%.

Allow tagging with localized artist aliases (PICARD-17)

Added a quit confirmation dialog. (PICARD-46)

Standalone recordings can be tagged with relationships now. (PICARD-10)

Refreshing an album will refresh its "other versions" listing. (PICARD-8)

"Unicode punctuation to ASCII" now works on album-level metadata. (PICARD-50)

DJ-mix tags should only be written to the medium where they apply. (PICARD-20)

Support URL redirects in web service/network request module (PICARD-54)

Jamendo and cover art is displayed on web page, but not loaded by Picard plugin (PICARD-52)

Edits to metadata in "Details..." menu not reflected in UI (PICARD-13)

The status bar/new metadata box is updated when a selected file/track is changed. (PICARD-14)

Version 0.15.1 2011-07-31

"Other versions" menu now displays release labels and catalog numbers.

Added CD-R, 8cm CD to the format mapping.

Picard no longer fails to load releases with new or unknown media formats.

Threading issues that could occasionally cause Picard to stop loading files have been fixed.

Fixed album metadata processor plugins not working (#5960)

Fixed loading of standalone recordings (#5961)

Fixed requests stopping at midnight (#5963)

Stopped using QDateTime for timing requests (for Qt 4.6 compatibility) (#5967)

Fixed display of ampersands in the "other versions" menu. (#5969)

Fixed use of numerical functions in advanced scripting.

Version 0.15 2011-07-17

Added options for using standardized track, release, and artist metadata.

Added preferred release format support.

Expanded preferred release country support to allow multiple countries.

Added support for tagging non-album tracks (standalone recordings).

Plugins can now be installed via drag and drop, or a file browser.

Added several new tags: %_originaldate%, %_recordingcomment%, and %_releasecomment%

Changes to request queuing: added separate high and low priority queues for each host.

Tagger scripts now run after metadata plugins finish (#5850)

The "compilation" tag can now be $unset or modified via tagger script.

Added a shortcut (Ctrl+I) for Edit->Details.

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 0.15beta1 2011-05-29

Support for the NGS web service

Version 0.14 2011-05-15

Fixed a problem with network operations hanging after a network error (#5794, #5884)

ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 is now the default ID3 version

Option to set preferred release types for improved album matching

Added support for sorting the album/file lists (#75)

Fixed OptimFROG tag reading (#5859)

Fixed colors for a white-on-black color scheme (#5846)

Added an option to replace non-ASCII punctuation (#5834)

Support for writing release group and work IDs, currently unused (#5805)

Fixed saving of the release event format tag (#5250)

Added support for the language and script tags (#943)

Plugins can now use track-track relationships (#5849)

Allowed external drives to be visible in the file browser panel on OS X (#5308)

Version 0.13 2011-03-06

Changed Picard icon license to CC by-sa

Small UI consistency changes

Albums with tracks linked to more than one file are never marked as


Fixed matching of scanned files to tracks while the album is still loading.

Support for properly embedded FLAC pictures

Existing embedded images in APE and ASF files are removed only if there

are new images to replace them.

More strict tagger script validation.

Fixed the $truncate tagger script function.

Proper rounding of track durations.

Fixed a bug with saving images larger than 64k to WMA files.

Added a $swapprefix tagger script function.

Release events with a date are preferred over the ones without a date.

Files that are being saved as marked as pending.

Updated .desktop file to allow opening Picard with multiple files.

Handle the "open file" event on Mac OS X.

Added timeouts to the HTTP web service client.

Fixed a bug with albums missing the expand/collapse icons

Version 0.12.1 2009-11-01

Fixed deletion of all COMM frames in ID3, which was introduced with the

iTunNORM fix in Picard 0.12.0.

Restored native add folder dialog.

Version 0.12 2009-10-25

Live syntax checking for tagger script and naming strings.

(Nikolai Prokoschenko)

Support ratings. (Philipp Wolfer)

Support for user folskonomy tags. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Embed cover art into APEv2 tags. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Embed cover art into WMA tags. (Philipp Wolfer)

New high quality application icon (Carlin Mangar)

Support for originaldate tag. (Philipp Wolfer)

Restructured file naming options. (Nikolai Prokoschenko)

Added option to select the user interface language. (Philipp Wolfer)

Highlight fully matched albums. (Nikolai Prokoschenko)

New script functions $matchedtracks(), $initials(), $firstalphachar(),

$truncate() and $firstwords()

CD drive dropdown selection on Linux. (Philipp Wolfer)

Add disc ID to album metadata if loaded via disc lookup. (Philipp Wolfer)

Add expand/collapse all actions to tree views. (Philipp Wolfer)

Added DCC media format.

Removed unncecessary and confusing PUID lookup threshold. (Philipp Wolfer)

Fixed saving of copyright in ASF metadata. (#5419, Philipp Wolfer)

Write TRACKTOTAL and DISCTOTAL to vorbis files. (#4088, Philipp Wolfer)

Added keyboard shortcut to toggle file browser (#3954, Philipp Wolfer)

Write ISRCs from MusicBrainz into tags (Philipp Wolfer)

UI improvements on cover art box and icons (Carlin Mangar)

New Windows installer (Carlin Mangar)

New plugin extension point ui_init (Gary van der Merwe)

Updated plugin options page (Carlin Mangar)

Python 2.6 fixes. (Gary van der Merwe)

Fix PUID generation on big endian machines. (Jon Hermansen)

Fix lookup encoding for non latin characters. (#5233, Philip Jägenstedt)

Fix infinite loop when using Qt 4.5. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Ensure 16-byte memory alignment for avcodec, fixes issues with enabled SSE2

instructions. (#5263, Philipp Wolfer)

Use default CD device for disc ID lookups if no device was specified.

(Philipp Wolfer)

Preserve file information (bitrate, extension etc.) on saving.

(#3236, Philipp Wolfer)

Allow empty release events (#4818, Philipp Wolfer)

Respect the option "clear existing tags" when saving WMA files.

(Philipp Wolfer)

Detect image format of cover images. (#4863, Philipp Wolfer)

Don't load CD stubs. (#4251, Philipp Wolfer)

Set match background color relative to the base color. (#4740, Philipp Wolfer)

Fix infinite loop when using Qt 4.5. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Fixed various issues with the PUID submission button. (Philipp Wolfer)

Fixed copy and paste (#5428, Philipp Wolfer)

Fixed loading of files with corrupted PUIDs (#5331, Carlin Mangar)

Fixed redirection handling (Lukáš Lalinský)

Fixed writng of iTunNORM tags in ID3 (Carlin Mangar)

Always restore window position so that the window is visible (Carlin Mangar)

Updated translations.

Version 0.11 2008-12-02

Support for new FFmpeg install locations

Automatically remove whitespaces from MB hostname in options

Release date from MB is now optional

Fixed per-track folksonomy tag support

Evaluate tagger script for album metadata

Show donation info in the about dialog

Support for .oga files (Ogg FLAC, Ogg Speex or Ogg Vorbis)

Fixed loading of performer tags from Vorbis Comments

Load embedded cover art from COVERART/COVERARTMIME Vorbis Comments

Allow setting the "Move Files To" location from the internal file browser

Copy&paste support in the file details dialog

Correct handling of "; " as a separator for sort names

Minimal support for TAK files

Fixed parsing of the "Pseudo-Release" release status

Fixed reading performers with empty role from ID3 tags

Don't allow empty file naming formats

Interactive password dialog

Fixed checking for non-Latin characters when using sort name as the main

artist name

Version 0.10 2008-07-27

Fixed crash when reading CD TOC on 64-bit systems

Fixed handling of MP4 files with no metadata

Change the hotkey for help to the right key for OS X

Replace special characters after tagger script evaluation to allow

special characters being replaced by tagger script

Actually ignore 'ignored (folksonomy) tags'

Remove dependency on Mutagen 1.13, version 1.11 is enough now

Escape ampersand in release selection (#3748)

Version 0.10.0rc1 2008-05-25

Stop analyzing files that have been removed. (#3352, Gary van der Merwe)

Automatically disable CD lookup if no CD device is specified.

(Will Holcomb)

Don't abort directory reading on invalid filename. (#2829, amckinle)

Add an option to select multiple directories from the 'Add Directory'

window. (#3541, Will Holcomb)

Avoid scanning files that had been removed from the tagger.

(#3352, Gary van der Merwe)

Folksonomy tags/genre support. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Added menu items (with keyboard shortcuts) for CD lookup / Scan /

Lookup / Cluster. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Add taggerscript function $performer(). (Lukáš Lalinský)

Lower the default PUID lookup threshold to 10%. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Compare tracknumber and totaltracks as numbers, not strings.

(Lukáš Lalinský)

Correctly escape special Lucene characters for searches/lookups.

(#3448, Lukáš Lalinský)

Use MusicIP Mixer "archived analysis" to speed up PUID lookups.

(Lukáš Lalinský)

Add language and script to variables. (#3635, Nikki)

Option to initiate searches with advanced query syntax on by default.

(#3526, Lukáš Lalinský)

"Save Tags" item in options menu. (#3519, Lukáš Lalinský)

Create empty "plugins" directory by default on installation.

(#3529, Lukáš Lalinský)

Added default release country option. (#3452, Philipp Wolfer)

Added release format type to release selection. (#3074, Philipp Wolfer)

Convert Vorbis tag "tracktotal" to "totaltracks" on load. (Philipp Wolfer)

Save 'arranger' to ID3 tags. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Store cover art in Ogg and FLAC files. (#3647, Hendrik van Antwerpen)

Album title not updated when related 'Unkown files' are modified.

(#3682, Hendrik van Antwerpen)

Match selected release event to existing files.

(#3687, Hendrik van Antwerpen)

Allow multiple files to be linked to a single track.

(#3729, Gary van der Merwe)

Don't use mmap to resize files on Windows. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Version 0.9.0 2007-12-16

More custom tags in MP4 files (compatible with MediaMonkey and Jaikoz) (#3379)

Fixed MP4 fingerprinting on Windows. (#3454, #3374)

Fixed CD lookups on Windows. (#3462, #3362, #3386)

Set the %compilation% tag correctly. (#3263)

Fixed location of saved cover art files. (#3345)

The Picard window now won't start as hidden. (#2104, #2429)

Fixed reading of length of MP3 files with VBRI headers. (#3409)

Fixed WMA saving. (#3417)

Fixed saving of comment to ID3 tags. (#3418)

New mapping of "chorus master" AR to "conductor" tag.

Fixed system-wide plugin path on Linux. (#3430)

Use the earliest release date by default. (#3456)

Version 0.9.0beta1 2007-10-28

Save ASIN to MP4 files.

Add a --disable-locales option to build. (Santiago M. Mola)

New threading code, should make Picard crash less and be faster.

Replace initial dot in file and directory names. (#3204, Philipp Wolfer)

Fixed caps in the default cover art image. (#3242, Bogdan Butnaru)

Fixed broken naming preview. (#3214, Daniel Bumke)

Re-enable the drag/drop target indicators. (#3106)

Fix adding files and directories from the command line. (#3075)

Don't show the cover art box by default.

Lookup files individually for "Unmatched Files", not as a cluster.

Version 0.9.0alpha14 2007-08-05

Fixed PUID submissions.

Fixed drag&drop from Finder to Picard on Mac OS X.

Don't save files from "Unmatched Files" when saving an album.

Renamed "Analyze" to "Scan", to avoid confusion with MusicIP Mixer analysis.

Added plugin API versioning. Plugins now need to define constant

PLUGIN_API_VERSIONS, otherwise they won't be loaded.

Added option to overwrite cover art by default.

Never wait more than second for the next HTTP request.

Fixed setting of the "Move Tagged Files To" folder, if the name contains

non-ASCII characters.

Version 0.9.0alpha13 2007-07-29

Bug Fixes:

Fixed drag&drop issue on Windows Vista.

Version 0.9.0alpha12 2007-07-29


"User directory" location changed:

- On Windows from "%HOMEPATH%\Local Settings\Application Data\MusicBrainz Picard"

to "%HOMEPATH%\Application Data\MusicBrainz\Picard"

- On UNIX from "~/.picard" to "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/MusicBrainz/Picard"

(usually "~/.config/MusicBrainz/Picard")

Picard no longer logs every action and doesn't saves the logs. To enable

more debug logging, use command line argument "-d" or "--debug" or

environment variable "PICARD_DEBUG".

For plugins:

- metadata["~#length"] is now metadata.length

- metadata["~#artwork"] is now metadata.images

New Features:

Save embedded images to MP4 files.

Added option to select release events for albums.

Added internal log viewer.

Track and file context menu hooks for plugins.

Bug Fixes:

Deleting files from clusters increments total time rather than

decrementing it. (#2965)

Update metadata boxes and cover art for selected items. (#2498)

Display error message for tracks.

Fixed drag-and-drop bugs on Mac OS X.

Added %releasecountry% to the file renaming preview.

Cluster multi-disc albums identified by tags, not (disc x). (#2555)

Version 0.9.0alpha11 2007-05-27

New Features:

Added "Edit" button to the tag editor.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed initialization of gettext translations.

Version 0.9.0alpha10 2007-05-27

New Features:

New TaggerScript function $len(text). (#2843)

Don't compress huge ID3 frames. (#2850)

Move "Add Cluster As Release" to a plugin.

Allow horizontal scrollbar in the file browser panel. (#2856)

Removed "Basic" tab from the "Details" window, "Advanced" tab renamed to "Metadata".

The tag editor can be used to edit multiple files. (#2893)

Bug Fixes:

F1 for Help instead of CTRL+H on Windows and Linux. (#2485, Nikolai Prokoschenko)

Tabbing focus transition from search isn't as expected. (#2546, Nikolai Prokoschenko)

Display an error message if launching a web browser failed.

Fixed web-service error caused PUID submissions.

Change function $gt(), $gte(), $lt(), $lte() to compare numbers, not strings. (#2848)

Fixed kfmclient launching under KDE/Python 2.5.

Fixed similarity calculation of non-latin texts. (#2891)

Don't try to auto-analyze files with "loading" errors. (#2862)

Version 0.9.0alpha9 2007-05-12

New Features:

The tag editor now accepts free-text tag names.

Load 'DJ-mixed by' AR data to %djmixer% tag.

Load 'Mixed by' AR data to %mixer% tag.

Delay the webservice client to do max. 1 request per second.

Sort files in clusters by disc number, track number and file name. (#2547)

Support for any text frame in special variable %_id3:%.

Ignore empty ID3 text values.

Windows installer:

Removed DirectX-based decoder.

FFmpeg compiled with AAC (faad2) support.

Bug Fixes:

Save XSOP frame to ID3v2.3 tags. (#2484)

Use attributes like 'guest' or 'additional' also from generic performer ARs.

Fixed capitalization of %releasetype% in file naming preview. (#2762)

Fixed 'python build_ext' if py2app and setuptools are loaded.

ID3v2.3 frame TDAT should be written in format DDMM, not MMDD. (#2770)

Don't display an error on Ogg and FLAC files with no tags.

Remove video files from the list of supported formats.

Always use for PUID submissions. (#2764)

Files/Pending Files count not reset/recalculated after removing files. (#2541)

Removed files still get processed during fingerprinting. (#2738)

Read only text values from APEv2 tags. (#2828)

Version 0.9.0alpha8 2007-04-15

New Features:

Notification of changed files in releases. (#2632, #2702)

Bug Fixes:

Don't open the file for analyzing twice. (#2733, #2734)

Save ASIN and release country to ID3 tags. (#2484, #2456)

Variable %country% renamed to %releasecountry%.

Save release country to MP4 and WMA tags.

Don't take unsupported tags into account when checking if the

tags are 'complete' and the file should have 100% match. This

fixes problems with showing the green check-marks for file

with limited tag formats, like MP4 or WMA.

Ignore missing tag in $unset().

Version 0.9.0alpha7 2007-04-14

New Features

Remember location in the file browser. (#2618)

Added FFmpeg support on Windows (MP3, Vorbis,

FLAC, WavPack and many other audio formats).

Lowercase the extension on file renaming/moving. (#2701)

TaggerScript function $copy(new,old) to copy metadata from

variable old to new. The difference between $set(new,%old%)

is that $copy(new,old) copies multi-value variables without

flattening them.

Added special purpose TaggerScript variable %_id3:% for direct

setting of ID3 frames. Currently it supports only TXXX frames in format

%_id3:TXXX:%, for example:


Support for WAV files. (#2537)

Removed GStreamer-based decoder.

Implemented python install_locales.

Bug Fixes:

Failed PUID submission deactivates the submit button. (#2673)

Unable to specify album art file name mask. (#2655)

Fixed incorrect copying of album metadata to tracks. (#2698)

Added options to un-hide toolbars. (#2631)

Fixed problem with saving extra performer FLAC tags

containing non-ASCII characters. (#2719)

Read only the first date from ID3v2.3 tags. (#2460)

If the remembered directory for add dialogs and file browser was

removed, try to find an existing directory in the same path.

Version 0.9.0alpha6 2007-04-04

New Features:

Added option --disable-autoupdate for 'build' and 'install' commands

of the setup script. (#2551)

Automatically parse track numbers from file names like 01.flac for better

cluster->album matching with untagged files.

Support for the new sorting tags in MP4 tags from iTunes 7.1.

Strip white-space from directory names. (#2558)

When replacing characters with their ascii equivalent, 'ß' should be

replaced by 'ss'. (#2610)

Track level performer ARs. (#2561)

Remove leading and trailing whitespace from tags on file saving.

(#892, #2665)

Support for labels, catalog numbers and barcodes.

Bug Fixes:

Artist names from ARs should be translated, too.

Freeze after answering no to "download the new version" prompt. (#2542)

%musicbrainz_albumid% not working in file renaming. (#2543)

Track time appears to display incorrectly if it's unknown on

MusicBrainz. (#2548)

Fixed problem with removing albums/files after submitting PUIDs (#2556)

The user's script should be applied also to album metadata.

Fixed moving of additional files from paths with "special" characters.


The browser integration HTTP server rewritten using QTcpServer.

Version 0.9.0alpha5 2007-03-18

New Features:

Replace Æ with AE in file/directory names. (#2512)

"Add cluster as release" (#1049)

Text labels under icon buttons. (#2476)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed fileId generator (caused problems with drag&drop

if files with multiple formats are used).

Original Metadata not greyed out when no tracks are attached. (#2461)

Better detecting of the default Windows browser, with fallback to

Internet Explorer. (#2502)

Better album/track lookup. (#2521)

File browser stays 'hidden' after first time use. (#2480)

Track length changed in Original Metadata after save. (#2510)

"Send PUIDs" button not disabled after albums are removed. (#2506)

The Windows package now includes JPEG loader to show cover art

images correctly. (#2478)

Version 0.9.0alpha4 2007-03-09

Bug Fixes:

Fixed case-insentive file renaming. (#2457, #2513)

Version 0.9.0alpha3 2007-03-08

New Features:

Using of 'performed by' AR types (without instrument or vocal).

The "Replace non-ASCII characters" option will try to remove

accents first. (#2466)

Added option to auto-analyze all files. (#2465)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed file clustering.

Added %albumartistsort%, %releasetype% and %releasestatus% to the

file naming example (#2458)

Sanitize dates from ID3 tags. (#2460)

Fixed page switching in the options window on error. (#2455)

Correct case-insensitive file renaming on Windows (#1003, #2457)

Relative paths in the 'Move files to' option are relative to the

current path of the file. (#2454)

Added a .desktop file. (#2470)

Release type and status should be in lower case. (#2489)

Version 0.9.0alpha2 2007-03-04

New Features:

New variable %_extension% (#2447)

File naming format tester. (#2448)

Added automatic checking for new versions.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed window position saving/restoring. (#2449)

Fixed iTunes compilation flag saving. (#2450)

Version 0.9.0alpha1 2007-03-03

First release.